Activities - Social Work

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Social Work

Under the responsibility of the Social Worker Betysaida, this work is of utmost importance since it also deals with the emotional and personal issue of children and youngsters. Betysaida does all the individual sessions (personal conversations) with children and adolescents and also group attendance (group chat). Reports are prepared for the following organs: Judgeship, Guardian Council, Prosecutor and internal reports for the Orphanage. Betysaida is also responsible for all documentation (identity documents) of children and youngsters and also conducts home visits and interviews with parents, of those children that have parents. Finally, she also forwards records and personal documents to the local authorities when required.

Legal Counsel 

Under the responsibility of the Attorney Luisa Fatima, the legal issues are also of great importance. Luisa directs the Orphanage in all legal issues, with the competent authorities (Juvenile Court, Guardian Council, Prosecutor and others) along with any other entities or companies. In cases of adoption, Luisa is of utmost importance in the preparation of all legal documentation for the child or youngster.